Sunday, May 24, 2009

Various different designs that I am working on

Carnation Sampler
by Wiehenburg Samplers

Sleepy Hollow

Heaven and Earth
by Heartstrings

Cardinal in the Corn

Bluebird of Happiness

Autumn Bouquet

Mystic Stitch Projects I am working on

This is Mystic Stitch
Grainger Street

This is Mystic Stitch The Rainmaker

This is Mystic Stitch
The Millenium

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

L&L Projects that I am working on

Firefly Fairies
Rose of Sharon

Fairy Grandmother

Dance of the Roses

Celtic Christmas

Celtic Autumn

Pics of the Mirabilia Patterns that I am working on

Enchanted Mermaid
Autumn Queen

The Dreamer

Fairy Moon

Mirabilia Scent of Old Roses.

Mirabilia Lady of the Flag

Angel of the Morning

Angel of the New Dawn

Mirabilia Mermaid of Atlantis